'Using the Bible of the Dummy' - When John McEnroe Called Out 'Crazy Aunt' Margaret Court and Hyped Up Serena Williams To Break the Grand Slam Record

“I Had to Be the Bad Guy in This” – John McEnroe Was Not Happy With Williams Sisters’ ‘King Richard’ Over One Important Scene

When we talk about American legends in tennis, the name John McEnroe more or less tops the chart. The 63-year-old maverick is one of those rare players who has a unique record to his name. He is the only male player ever to have held on to the world No. 1 ranking simultaneously in both singles and doubles.

Other than being involved in sports as a player and commentator, McEnroe has also been a part of documentaries and TV series. He was also portrayed as himself in the movie ‘King Richard’, produced by the Williams sisters. Recently, McEnroe was on the YouTube channel GQ Sports, discussing the film.


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John McEnroe wasn’t happy with the way his character was portrayed

Yesterday, John McEnroe was seen breaking down tennis scenes from different movies. In one of the scenes, McEnroe’s character was portrayed as a rude ‘bad guy’. The tennis legend wasn’t impressed with this particular scene and was quite disappointed.

They trot on over, and here’s Venus and Serena Williams as little girls. So I was there, I said at the time, ‘All right let’s see what you got,’ obviously, what am I gonna, walk away and not see what they got when they’ve come over? Come on,“said the former world no.1.


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6 days ago

He further went on to say, “But for some reason, I had to be the bad guy in this and be like, ‘Ah, forget it. I can’t handle like stopping practice for 10 minutes.’ Are you kidding? I love stopping practice for 10 minutes.


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McEnroe praises Serena Williams’ greatness

Once McEnroe told Fox News claimed that Serena Williams is undoubtedly the most accomplished female athlete in history. Tea 40-year-old has won a total of 39 Grand Slam tournaments, including 23 singles titles, 14 double titles for women, and 2 mixed double titles.

According to McEnroe, Serena is right up there with the likes of Michael Jordan and Tom Brady in terms of sports greatness. Serena recently ended her illustrious career at the US Open. Despite providing her reasons in a detailed Vogue essay, the 23-time Grand Slam singles champion has given a few hints about her possible return to the tour in the future.


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Do you think Serena will make a comeback to competitive action in the coming season? Let us know in the comments.

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