'Not Until They Pay Her What She's Worth' - Serena Williams' Confident Response to Husband Alexis Ohanian Over Their Daughter Olympia's Soccer Future

‘Not Until They Pay Her What She’s Worth’ – Serena Williams’ Confident Response to Husband Alexis Ohanian Over Their Daughter Olympia’s Soccer Future

Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian is undoubtedly one of the most successful businessmen in the United States right now. It seems like he is involving his family, including his wife Serena and daughter Olympia, in the business world as well.

Notably, Ohanian became the leading investor of the NWSL soccer club, Angel City FC, founded in 2020. Interestingly, Ohanian also made his daughter Olympia one of the owners, which makes her the youngest ever owner of a sports team. In a recent interview, Ohanian revealed the reason for making this decision.


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Serena Williams’ words inspired Alexis Ohanian to make Olympia the youngest owner of a sports team

Speaking with ESPN, Ohanian revealed watching the women’s world cup final and wanting Olympia to play soccer in the future. He said, You know, to her credit, it was actually her doing. This is now, a little bit after that first match I went to, was back in Wimbledon with my wife. She was in the middle of a work trip. My daughter was running around during the finals. We’re watching on TV, she’s wearing her little Alex Morgan jersey, and I remarked to Serena, I said, ‘wouldn’t it be great one day if Olympia played on the women’s national team, like any proud dad.

Later, Ohanian talked about Serena’s response, as he said, Without missing a beat, Serena said, ‘Not until they pay her what she’s worth’. I said ‘okay, challenge accepted’. I have 15/16 years to play some role in, you know, helping these women get what they absolutely deserve.


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Then Ohanian further talked about involving Olympia with Angel City FC. He added, “When I was able to invest in this team, I set aside a small portion of money to put in a trust for Olympia, made her the youngest owner in pro sports because to be fair it was a big part of what prompted it and obviously, got my wife involved as well.”

It is worth noting that both Olympia and her father, Ohanian, often watch Angel City FC’s home games live from the stadium. During one match, Olympia kicked a soccer ball on the field as well while having fun with her father. In an interview, Serena once revealed Olympia’s love for soccer and Ohanian shared the same news in the latest interview. It will be interesting to see what career path Olympia chooses in the future.

Aug 29, 2022; Flushing, NY, USA; Serena Williams (USA) (ML) poses for a picture with daughter Olympia (L), husband Alexis Ohanian (ML), and sister Isha Price (R) after a ceremony honoring her career after her match against Danka Kovinic (MNE) (not pictured) on day one of the 2022 US Open tennis tournament at USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

As for Angel City FC, the club is getting some serious buzz in the NWSL. According to multiple reports, the club is now worth $100 million, thanks to Ohanian’s great campaign on social media. Interestingly, this also makes Olympia a millionaire. However, Angel City FC’s on-field performances haven’t been great for the last few games. Currently, they are sitting in 7th position on the league table.


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