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‘Ended Up Doing All Her Stunts’- Serena Williams’ Trainer Revealed Mammoth Task of Training a 62-Year-Old Linda Hamilton for the Terminator

Many tennis fans believe that Patrick Mouratoglou is responsible for Serena Williams’s continued tennis success. However, very few people knew that Mackie Shilstone also had a greater influence on her game.

Serena Williams has had him as a personal trainer for almost a decade. In fact, he has been instrumental in Serena’s extended professional career. Shilstone once shared that he had a huge task on his hand at one point in time when training American actress Linda Hamilton.


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Mackie Shilstone, on hardcore training session with Linda Hamilton

Back in September 2021, Mackie Shilstone gave an interview to the podcast episode named ‘The Holy Grail of Longevity Part 1’. During the interview, he was in a conversation with Chanda Rubin, who is a former world No. 6, Grand Slam singles semifinalist, and doubles champion. He shared things related to training a 62-year-old Hollywood star Linda Hamilton for the movie ‘Terminator’.

I’m a fixer with the Terminator movie that I did. In 2019. For James Cameron. I managed the I managed what I normally do the nutrition. I manage the exercise physiology, the psychology, the rehabilitation, the body composition adjusted for Linda Hamilton. And it was a it was a 10 month project. And she ended up doing all our stunts at 62 years of age.” said the 71-year-old.


Serena Williams And Her Fitness Guru Behind Her Comeback

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Shilstone became friends with Serena even before they began training together in 2008. Despite her injuries, Serena was able to serve at her highest level thanks to his shoulder program. As a result of his influence, she has become as fit as any current athlete.

Serena Williams and Mackie Shilstone share a great bond

Mackie’s rise to fame as “Medicare Mackie” on the internet can be directly attributed to Serena. He was so close to Serena that he conducted the ceremony at her wedding. The two did not initially meet each other but instead had a common connection. Mackie is well-known for his role in Riddick Bowe’s boxing victory over Evander Holyfield.


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Consequently, Cora Berry, the head of the District of Columbia’s Boxing and Wrestling Commission, suggested him to Oracene Price, Serena Williams’s mother. Mackie Shilstone is far more qualified than we are to discuss Serena Williams’ greatness. What he says is nothing but a restatement of what we already know. It’s safe to say that Serena Williams will go down in history as one of the toughest athletes ever.

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